Binary Dodo

Things should be made as simple as possible, but not any simpler – Albert Einstein


Hi.  My name is Arun Jusrut.  Welcome to my personal blog.  From the blog’s title you might have guessed that I am a Mauritian.  I am a PHP developer by profession.  This site is intended to be a technical blog, where I write about software development stuff and computer science in general.  I maintain the articles that I write mainly for personal documentation, because I find it extremely worthwhile and helpful in the long run if I write down the research on subjects which I study, because I usually spend hours trying to build an understanding and most of the time I tend to forget little important details later.

Initially I thought about maintaining a personal diary sort of a thing, and that would have perfectly served my purpose.  But then, I thought, why keep that knowledge lying somewhere?  Hence, this blog is also my way of giving back to the computer science community.